Who changes the bulbs - the resident or Koas?

Read below your responsibilities and tasks.


The residents take care of the following and are responsible for these costs:

- Fire alarm battery change and fire alarm replacement
- Fuse changes
- TV tuning problems
- Computer configuration problems – with Help Desk
- Hanging mirrors and paintings
- Hanging one’s own lamps
- Curtain clips
- Keeping floor drains and drain traps clean and normal clearing of a clogged drain
- Cleaning of hood grease filters
- Cleaning of ventilation valves
- Defrosting of fridges and freezers and vacuum cleaning the rear of the appliance
- Installation of dish washers via a plumber
- Installation of bidet showers via a plumber
- Having venetian blinds installed
- Home insurance.

The residents take care of the following via the Booking service:
- Laundry booking
- Car park booking
- Saunatime booking.

The residents call the maintenance company service
- For having their doors opened after forgetting their keys
- In case of water or smoke damage
- In case of an urgent drain clog or overflow
- If a broken window creates a danger (risk of freezing, risk of injuries, etc.)
- In case of an urgent lock failure.

The residents contact the Customer Service for:
- Lost keys
- Complaints about disturbances (house manager)
- Incorrectly parked cars
- Change of a computer MAC address.
- After receiving a fault report, Koas takes care of:
- Defects and faults in the flats, corridors and outdoor areas
- Lamp bulb replacements
- Faults in domestic appliances
- Electric, ventilation and heating failures
- Leaking toilet seats (constant gurgle of water)
- Leaking taps
- Cabinet modification required by dishwasher installations.



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