Separate biowaste from mixed waste

 Biowaste will decompose. Mixed waste will be burnt.

 You are responsible for your own waste. No one else will sort out your mixed or dry waste bags after you.

Look at the boxes below. There are six different types of waste: mixed waste, biowaste, carton, paper, waste glass and scrap metal. Waste containers are located in the waste shelter of your house.

While sorting is mainly performed successfully today, biowaste, i.e. food, is too often put among mixed waste. Separating biowaste from mixed waste is particularly important because from now on, mixed waste will be burnt instead of being delivered to landfill. Mixed waste is used for energy production. Biowaste is composted, which means that it decomposes.

If mixed waste contains biowaste, its burning will be difficult. Biowaste is moist and burns poorly. In addition, it corrodes the combustion equipment and increases the amount of ash.

Your sorting task is easier when you have a specific container or bag for each waste type.
Nature will thank you.



Mixed waste (or dry waste):












Waste glass:




Scrap metal:


Treatment of waste for which there is no container in the shelter:

Remember that problem waste, such as batteries, must be delivered to appropriate collection points. These are available in shops, for example. Collection points for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) are available in household appliance stores. Recycling points for clean clothes can be found in courtyards of shopping centres and stores, for example.

Furniture must not be left in the waste shelter of the house.

More information on collection points:


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