Phew, it’s hot out here – tips for cooling down your home

While some people think that hot summer days are the best thing in the world, others find the hot weather very uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are many ways in which we all can cool down our own apartments! Inside and outside thermometers help monitor the temperature. Try all of the tips given below if it is too hot at your home.


Block out the sun:
On sunny days, keep Venetian blinds and curtains (e.g., blackout curtains) in front of the windows so that the sun cannot heat the apartment. Be prepared and block out the sun already before the hottest days!


Ventilate when the weather is cooler:
Don’t keep the windows open during the day to prevent hot air from entering. It is advisable to ventilate the apartment in the evening and in the night when the weather is cooler. If possible, open the windows on both sides of the room to create cross ventilation. Ventilate using the windows on the shaded side of the building.


Switch off electrical appliances:
Avoid using the oven and electrical appliances if not strictly necessary, as they will increase the room temperature. Switch off electrical appliances when not in use.


Use a fan:
A fan produces a nice air stream but does not decrease the temperature. Use a fan together with evening and night ventilation so that cooler air enters the apartment.


Escape from the heat:
Enjoy the force-ventilated summer workplace, stay outside in parks or beaches or, if possible, in a summerhouse near a lake. In cities, it is generally hot in summer, because asphalt and buildings absorb heat.


Can you think of or have you found any other tips?
Below are tips that have served well us Koas office people to cool down the home.

  • Wet a towel with cold water, wring it out so that water does not drip and put it in front of a fan – it really works!
  • Put a single bed sheet in a freezer for about an hour before going to bed – the unrolled bed sheet feels nice and cooling against the skin when lying down!


It is also a good thing to check the cleanliness of exhaust air valves: a dusty valve or a greasy hood make it difficult for air to exit the apartment. Good instructions for cleaning the exhaust air valve can be found on the website of the Martha organisation.

If, nevertheless, your apartment feels unusually hot also on other days than during the hot weather, report a fault indicating in detail temperatures and actions you have taken. With cooperation, we can ensure that there is no fault in the ventilation system of the building, for example.


Happy summer time to all Koas tenants!


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