Check and remember

Report faults online
Faults are reported online, in section “Online Janitor” at www.koas.fiThe fault report form will be delivered to the service company. All residents are responsible for reporting a fault or damage detected.

Saunatime bookings
Saunatimes are cancelled or booked before the first of each month via the Koas Booking system.
Saunatimes are updated on the first weekday of each month. Common saunatimes for the summer period will be scheduled according to the suggestions given by the residents’ committee.

Notice of lease termination at least a month ahead
Our rental agreements are valid until further notice. You can terminate your lease immediately when you know that you will give up your apartment; however, at least one calendar month ahead. A full month subsequent to the notice of lease termination is counted as the period of notice.
If you are planning to leave at the end of May, you must give a written notice of termination no later than on 30 April. You can terminate your lease on our website. The form for termination of lease is in the Electronic Services section.

Make sure that you receive a confirmation of lease termination by email – otherwise you cannot be sure that your notice has been correctly received. In a family apartment, both spouses must give a personal notice of lease termination. A notice of lease termination is not given for temporary contracts; these will terminate according to the contract.

Do you receive Koas info messages to your mailbox?
Koas sends messages to the residents mainly via the Koas Booking Service. Check that you have inserted correct email address in your booking data. In family contracts, both spouses have their own booking accounts, and messages are sent to the email addresses associated with the profiles.

The tenant debt collection is handled by Visma Duetto.
Make sure you pay your rent by the due date. Any deviations from the regular payment schedule must be agreed upon before the due date.

Parking places
Parking places are booked and cancelled via the Koas Booking system. Remember that visitor parking slots are only meant for temporary parking for visitors. Parking is controlled at the Koas housing sites by Park Service. Parking control is necessary to prevent unauthorised parking in the area and to keep the rescue roads clear. Parking is only permitted in the marked parking places. Any vehicles parked against the parking rules can be reported to the service desk, Tel. 010 292 0003.

Subrent your apartment for summer
Ensure your accommodation in autumn by keeping your apartment also during the summer. In autumn, there is always a shortage of student apartments, and new students will be put first in the apartment queue. If you decide to subrent your apartment for the summer months, do as follows:
- Make a rental agreement in writing for a fixed period with the tenant, detailing, for example, the rent payment method. Check the credit report!
- Agree the rent to be paid to your own bank account so that you can easily follow the payments.
- Inform the Koas office of the subtenant's name, identity code, telephone number and renting period
- As the principal tenant you are responsible for the payment of the rent, apartment condition and any disturbances.

Before leaving for summer holiday
- Check that there is no perishable food in the kitchen cupboards and fridge.
- Take all garbage to appropriate collection bins.
- Put a sticker with text ”Ei mainoksia” (no advertisements) on the door / mailbox.
- Leave a notice of temporary address change at the post office
- Move at least your most valuable items to your own room under lock and key.
- Make sure that the apartment is tidy. A new tenant might move in during your holiday. A tidy apartment will wish her/him welcome to share the apartment with you.

Waste shelters are not for scrapped furniture and electrical equipment
Furniture, cardboard boxes, electrical scrap, etc. have been left in the waste shelters and beside the waste containers. This waste creates extra costs as the waste management company sends an invoice for every extraordinary piece of waste. Everyone is responsible for sorting their own waste and delivering it to the appropriate waste treatment unit. More information on sorting of waste and waste management can be found at, in English at



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