Cleaning and defrosting the fridge 

The resident is responsible for cleaning the fridge. The fridge must also be defrosted before moving out. 

To defrost and clean the fridge during the move-out cleaning: 
 1. Set the thermostat to the zero position and leave the door open for a few hours before starting cleaning.   
2. Place several towels on the floor just in front of the fridge to prevent meltwater from spreading onto the floor. Do not leave the fridge without monitoring during the defrosting, since meltwater could cause flooding and water damage.     

3. Clean the wire shelves, boxes, compartments and surfaces of the fridge. Removable items are much easier to clean in the kitchen sink.   

4. Put the cleaned items back in place and leave the door open.   
NB! If frost begins to accumulate in the fridge over time, defrost the fridge. If frost forming still continues after the defrosting, fill in a fault report.  
5. In addition, carefully vacuum and clean the top and rear of the fridge. 
Disconnect  the plug before cleaning. 


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