To clean the floor drain, do as follows 

The resident is responsible for cleaning the bathroom floor drain. Clean the floor drain once a month. If the floor drain is not regularly cleaned, shower water cannot pass through it and water will spread onto the floor causing, in the worst case, water damage in the constructions of the house.  In addition, a blocked floor drain emits a foul smell to the apartment.  The floor drain must always be cleaned before moving out.   

To clean the floor drain, do as follows:    

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1. Wear plastic gloves. Remove the grid and the plastic drain trap located below the grid. Note the installation direction of the drain trap so that you will put it back in the same position afterwards. If the drain trap is incorrectly installed, a foul sewage smell will be emitted from the drain.  

2. Remove hair and other dirt and put it in the dry waste (not in the toilet seat).

3. Clean the grid, the drain trap and the surfaces using a brush and cleaning agent.   

3. Re-install the drain trap in the correct position and snap the grid in place.

4. Well done!


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